When a fax fails for any reason we automatically refund your credits.  This may take a few minutes to go through because we automatically retry the number three times.  After you get your credit refund, you can resend your fax at your convenience without any additional cost to you.  To ensure that it is successful, we recommend first diagnosing the issue using the steps below.


Faxes fail to send most often because there is no fax machine at the fax number.  To see if there is a fax machine at the number, you can call the number.  You can do this within JotNot by tapping the phone icon next to the fax number, in the Fax Details page for the failed fax.  When your phone connects, you should hear the whirring and beeping noises of a fax machine on the other end.  If you hear anything else then JotNot won't be able to send the fax to this number because there is no fax machine present.

If you don't get a fax machine on the other end, you'll need to try to find  an alternate fax number that has a working fax machine, or contact the person you're trying to reach to verify the number, or to ask them to check that their fax machine is on and functioning properly.

Certain numbers (typically toll-free numbers for large companies) can be busy for long stretches.  In those cases, it's usually best to wait for a less busy time and before trying again.

If you call the fax number and are able to get a fax machine to respond, then we recommend that you contact our support team to help with the fax.  The support team will be able to look up details on the fax transmission to help diagnose the problem.  Tap the "Support" button on the fax details page to send a support request with the details of the fax.