We've added a feature that we call "auto-crop" to JotNot's camera.  You can toggle it on or off by tapping the button in the upper right corner of the camera screen.  

With it turned on, JotNot adds an orange rectangle to the screen to show you where it thinks it sees a document on your screen.  For this to work properly, it is necessary to ensure that the entire document is visible--it won't work if any corners are off the screen.  When you press the shutter release button, JotNot will crop to the edges that it finds, and skip over the screen where you manually set the corners (you can always tap the "Back" button to go back and set the corners manually, if you wish).

When you turn the auto-crop feature off, the camera doesn't show the orange rectangle anymore.  Also, when you tap the shutter release, JotNot won't skip over the screen where you select the corners of the document.  However, it will still use the new method to find the edges of the document, which is faster and more accurate than ever.

JotNot will remember your setting for the auto-crop feature, so if you don't like it, you can turn it off and you won't need to worry about it anymore.  However, we've found that a number of people like being able to see where JotNot thinks the edges of the document are.  Hopefully you'll like it too, now that you've gotten an explanation of what it's for.

Thanks for using JotNot the best PDF scanner app for iOS!