If JotNot says, "Email Not Configured", or it brings up an email composition window but the "Send" button remains disabled and greyed out, it means that your device is not configured for sending emails through Apple's built-in email software.  This software requires that the built-in Apple Mail app is installed on your iOS device and that it is correctly configured.

To get around this, you can send your email through another email app, or you can configure your device in Apple's Settings app to work with the Apple Mail app.

OPTION 1:  Send through a mail app other than Apple Mail

1. Open a document in JotNot that you would like to email

2. Tap the Share button

3. Tap on "Open In ...", to bring up a list of other apps that can open PDF documents

4. In the list of apps, you should see your email app.  Optionally, you can configure the list so that the email app shows up near the beginning, using the "More..." button at the end of the list.  Tap on the email app of your choice.

5. Your document will be added to a new email window in your email app

Please note that JotNot does not have programmatic access to other email apps when you export like this, so it will not be able to set things like the subject line, sender address, recipient address, and so on.

OPTION 2: Configure your device so that JotNot can send through Apple's Mail app

You will need to add your email account as an account in Apple's Settings app for this to work. This is true even if you have another email app installed (such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, Comcast, etc.). Here are Apple's instructions on how to do that:


Once you try this, some people may notice the following problem:  you open the email window in JotNot, but even after you enter a valid To: email address, the "Send" button remains disabled and you are not able to send your email.  If that happens to you, please make sure that you have Apple's Mail app installed on your device, as Apple now requires that it be installed in order for their email software to work.  Apple's Mail app can be installed for free here:


If you are able to send an email from JotNot, but it never shows up in your email accounts' "Sent" folder, and your recipient never gets it, please see this support article instead:


Thank you for using JotNot, the original scanner app for iOS!